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I split up with my partner last month. We were planning a wedding this summer. We had everything booked, but we started arguing and bickering at the end of last year and over Christmas things came to a head that we decided to split.

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He moved out at the start of January.

A great weight has been lifted from me, I enjoyed the good times and we shared some great experiences together.

When he came around to collect his television and stereo we got chatting, opened up a bottle of wine and reminisced about the good times. We ended up in bed. The sex was amazing and he stayed the night. Over breakfast he suggested we get back together, I said no and he went off in a huff.

He’s since apologised and asked to rearrange another time to collect his things.

I’d like to remain friendly with him, but feel going our separate ways is the best option.

I’ve heard through mutual friends that he thinks there is still a chance of reconciliation and this is just a pre-wedding nerves situation.

Any suggestions?

Tony D


Break up sex is quite a common situation when couples part, for some it happens repeatedly until finally parting ways. However, it sounds as though you are definite in your feelings that things are over, so cracking open the bedroom door for another tumble possibly could create a toxic situation.

Perhaps arrange to be out when your ex comes around to collect his things. Leave him a letter saying how you’ve valued his time and cherish the experience of sharing a life with him.

Leave things open for the friendship to be picked up at a later stage however suggest a period of abstinence of spending time together while you both adjust to your lives as single people.

Make it clear to your friendship group that there is no going back, so they don’t prop up his fantasy that there is a chance of rekindling the relationship.

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