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Dear GayAgonyUncle

I’ve been single for so many years, I’ve just had a catalogue of disasters and keep dating the wrong guys. I’m on a host of dating websites and it just seems the same guys are on them all. My friends are all in relationships and I now feel like an outsider. Any tips on what I should do to improve this situation?

Simon B


Okay, it’s time to change your approach. Delete every single dating profile you have, keep the photos you want and treat yourself to a dating detox.

Embrace a 30 Day Dating Detox

One of my coaching books “30 Day Dating Detox” gives a step by step plan on how to do it. I’ve emailed an ebook across to you.

However the nuts and bolts of your situation is that you need to stop focusing on what you haven’t got and start focusing on what you have and build from that. Do new things, experience new activities and work on developing friendships rather than looking for relationship. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Start afresh and give yourself a 30 day dating holiday. Then, refreshed and recharged, with a whole host of new experiences, start back into the dating world. It’s important to use your 30 days constructively and do new things, not just kick around on the internet or watch TV.


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