I Am Undateable

I feel that I’m undateable. Most of my friends are straight so don’t really go to gay bars, on-line dating is such a strike out for me. In my area I think there are only 30 people in a twenty mile radius. The closest I’ve come to dating was an online romance that was with a guy on the other side of the country. We were always talking about meeting up, but after a year the phone calls and emails dried up and his profile was deleted.

How can I meet new guys? It’s been three years since I last had sex with a guy and that was a horrific hook up in a service station with a truck driver, we didn’t even exchange numbers afterwards.

How can I meet new people? I’m nearly 30 and feel as though life is passing me by?

Melvin D


You are not undateable. It’s very challenging when you live in areas where there’s not much of a gay community. Not every gay man has an online profile, so there may well be more out there in your area. However, to improve your chances, look at investigating what’s available in the nearest town, perhaps volunteer for a gay focused charity or community project.

It’s time to break out of the pattern you’ve got yourself in. Invest your time into different activities, if you aways do the same thing, you’ll always get the same outcome.

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Jonathan Welford is a Life Coach and NLP practitioner who works with LGBT people on interpersonal and relationship issues.

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