I Want His Beard Back!

Man with beard and handlebar moustacheMy partner of nearly 8 years has shaved off his beard. I’ve only ever known him bearded, it was what first attracted him to me.

He’s shaved for a job interview, which he got, however he’s reluctant to grow it back. He’s had so many compliments about how young he looks without it.

I know he’s the same person I love, however this new look is taking some time to get used to.

How can I convince him to grow it back?

Nicolas C


I’m glad you added that you still love him, if you were with someone just for how they looked the relationship could be on rocky ground.

Let him enjoy his new look for a while, if you cajole him too much he may well dig his heels in out of stubbornness.

When it’s coming up to a weekend, you could suggest he gives his skin a rest from the razor and let the stubble grow, with a few compliments the stubble could well progress to a beard with a few added incentives.

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About the Author: Jonathan

Jonathan Welford is a Life Coach and NLP practitioner who works with LGBT people on interpersonal and relationship issues.

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