I’m On The Dating Conveyor Belt

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I’ve dated guys, but after the usual drinks, meals out and a couple of sleep overs they don’t evolve into anything more. I seem to be on a dating cycle, continuously repeating the same thing, but never feeling a connection to take it to a relationship.

I’m tired of it all. How do I get out of this pattern? I’d like to have that special person to settle down with but he seems to be eluding me. How many frogs do I have to kiss to find my prince?

Paul G


I’ve been there done that!

It’s difficult to break the pattern of conveyor belt dating, jumping from and on, one new guy to another, sharing the same anecdotes and dancing around the ‘do I like him’ or ‘does he like me’.

The best option is to abstain from dating for a couple of months, invest in time with friends and stop looking for that ideal relationship. Suspend the dating apps from your phone and computer.

See how you go, abstaining from dating doesn’t mean if a hook up comes away you have to act like a nun, but make others do the running for a while.

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Jonathan Welford is a Life Coach and NLP practitioner who works with LGBT people on interpersonal and relationship issues.

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