Triad Relationships

Do Triad relationships ever work?

I ended a 13 year relationship about 2 years ago and moved to a new state and started over with a new life Seems that the only guys that want to date me are Partnered men. Recently, one of the guys that I have been seeing stated that both he and his partner feel that I would be a great addition to their family.  We all get along really well and have similar likes & dislikes I do have strong feelings for both of them, but have been down this road before only to get squashed when things changed for one of them. Not sure if I should follow my heart or back off and just become friends with them.


Triad relationships can work, but its not for everyone.  If you are going down that route then its important that the relationship is discussed and reviewed regularly.  A relationship between two people in can be stressful enough, with opinions, views, aspirations and desires changing with time, and this has to appreciated and acknowledged prior to getting involved.  Additionally its also important that you are not being used by the couple, Ive coached and dealt with a number of triad relationships where the existing relationship was in crisis and bringing in another person is purely a diversion to avoid addressing other underlying issues.

If you want to give it a go, then go for it, however discuss with the couple  what they are looking for, both individually and all together.  One of the couple may just be saying yes to please the other one, so its important you get to know the other guy before heading in.  So start dating the other partner on a one on one basis is vital, and see if that dynamic works, after a few months of doing this you will have a much larger picture on how level the relationship playing field will be.

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