Why Do I Sabotage My Relationships?

I’ve been an out gay man for over 30 years, I’ve a wonderful group of friends who’re both gay and straight. But, when I get into a dating routine with a guy,... Read more »

His Son Is Getting In The Way

I’ve been dating a fantastic guy, he’s middle aged, but fit and trim, loves hiking and very outdoorsy, however is also equally happy in a city cocktail bar. We started hooking up... Read more »

I’m In A Relationship With A Younger Man

I’m in a relationship with a younger man. I’m the older one. I love my partner to bits, however can’t always fulfil the sexual part of the relationship. I’ve been mainly a... Read more »

My Partner Was Unfaithful

My partner was unfaithful last year, he doesn’t know I know. I thought I could look over it, however I’m sure he’s seeing someone else again. He’s getting late in from work,... Read more »

I Feel Snubbed!

My younger brother had an enormous amount of financial assistance with a big wedding, big honeymoon, help with buying his house and even a car was bought for him last year, when... Read more »

Drunk Dialling?

Dear Gay Agony Uncle I got married to my partner of 7 years last year and we’re now getting divorced, just after the summer last year he asked to open up the... Read more »

Supermarket Guy

Dear Gay Agony Uncle I really like a guy I keep spotting each weekend at the supermarket, he obviously works out and is on a local football team. How would you suggest... Read more »

Smother Mother

Dear Gay Agony Uncle My mother keeps on calling around, and it’s becoming intolerable. She has a key for emergencies, but she lets herself in without knocking. Last week a hook up... Read more »

I’m Not Ready

Dear Gay Agony Uncle I’ve been seeing a lovely guy for just under a year. I really like him, however he’s pushing for us to move in together. This is something I’m... Read more »

My Boyfriend was an Escort

Dear GayAgonyUncle I’ve just found out that my partner used to be an escort to pay his way through college. One of my friends recognised him (not an ex-client thankfully) and when... Read more »