Dating Disasters

Dear GayAgonyUncle I’ve been single for so many years, I’ve just had a catalogue of disasters and keep dating the wrong guys. I’m on a host of dating websites and it just... Read more »

I keep being Unfaithful!

Dear GayAgonyUncle I keep stuffing things up in a relationship, I go on a big quest to find a good man, do the whole thing of wining, dining, plan futures together.  I... Read more »

Dumping my Useless Boyfriend

Dear GayAgonyUncle I’m a more mature gay guy.  A few years ago I was charmed by a much younger guy.  He was an art school leaver, had dreams and ambitions to work... Read more »

Middle aged, in debt & Single

Dear GayAgonyUncle I feel suffocated with life. I’m in my 30’s and still live with my parents. In lots of debt, in a dead end job and have just been dumped by... Read more »

Just divorced wife & want to date men

Dear GayAgonyUncle I’ve dated girls all of my adult life, with one experience at high school which has left me with the lasting impression that guys are really for me. I’ve been... Read more »

Sex & Cock Size

I'm recently married and by husband is jealous over my large manhood. Read more »

Is He Flirting?

So I’ll try to keep it brief, I’m completely out, and I live in a city that is heavy manufacturing, so it is hard sometimes to tell who is gay and who... Read more »

Triad Relationships

Do Triad relationships ever work? I ended a 13 year relationship about 2 years ago and moved to a new state and started over with a new life Seems that the only... Read more »

Mistaken for a hooker!

Last week I was out with friends and met up with a chap with a bar, and one thing led to another, and we went back to my place.  Id given him... Read more »