Is He Flirting?

So I’ll try to keep it brief, I’m completely out, and I live in a city that is heavy manufacturing, so it is hard sometimes to tell who is gay and who isn’t. For me, everyone assumes I’m straight and I tend to do the same. Today, I was at work (I work at a local college) and there is a gentleman that I find couldn’t stop looking at in a lab a week ago.

In one of the labs I assist in today, I find him constantly looking at me. A little while later, he put his hands on his head, while looking at me, and did a quick flex/pump of his biceps twice in rapid succession. Would this be considered a sign that he may be in to me? It was a situation where there were a few people around, and I really didn.t feel it was appropriate to hit on someone in front of his peers.


Okay, stripping away all the angst about living in a manufacturing town but not broadcasting your sexuality and yet being completely out.  If a guy is flirting with you flexing his muscles in a very blatant pose I would think he is broadcasting that he wants you to notice him.  You dont mention if its a college student or a co-worker.  If its a student then be wary as jocks do have a habit of preening in front of other guys, plus it could put your employment in jeopardy having relations with a student.

If its a co-worker then make a move on him,  hang around the lab and if he sees you waiting behind if hes interested hell hang back too,  when there are fewer people open up a conversation with him and arrange to have a coffee together, get to know him more and then see where things go.

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