Why Do I Sabotage My Relationships?

I’ve been an out gay man for over 30 years, I’ve a wonderful group of friends who’re both gay and straight. But, when I get into a dating routine with a guy,... Read more »

Grindr is making most of us feel unhappy, according to new data

Time Well Spent have conducted some new research which polled 200,000 iPhone users about their app usage. Source: Grindr is making most of us feel unhappy, according to new data Read more »

His Son Is Getting In The Way

I’ve been dating a fantastic guy, he’s middle aged, but fit and trim, loves hiking and very outdoorsy, however is also equally happy in a city cocktail bar. We started hooking up... Read more »

Curry In A Hurry

A creamy and spicy chicken curry that takes minutes to prepare. Ingredients 6 spring onions 3 garlic cloves 2 tbsp vegetable oil A small tin of chopped tomatoes (about 200g) 2 tbsp... Read more »

I’m In A Relationship With A Younger Man

I’m in a relationship with a younger man. I’m the older one. I love my partner to bits, however can’t always fulfil the sexual part of the relationship. I’ve been mainly a... Read more »

My Partner Was Unfaithful

My partner was unfaithful last year, he doesn’t know I know. I thought I could look over it, however I’m sure he’s seeing someone else again. He’s getting late in from work,... Read more »

I Feel Snubbed!

My younger brother had an enormous amount of financial assistance with a big wedding, big honeymoon, help with buying his house and even a car was bought for him last year, when... Read more »

Drunk Dialling?

Dear Gay Agony Uncle I got married to my partner of 7 years last year and we’re now getting divorced, just after the summer last year he asked to open up the... Read more »

Supermarket Guy

Dear Gay Agony Uncle I really like a guy I keep spotting each weekend at the supermarket, he obviously works out and is on a local football team. How would you suggest... Read more »

Smother Mother

Dear Gay Agony Uncle My mother keeps on calling around, and it’s becoming intolerable. She has a key for emergencies, but she lets herself in without knocking. Last week a hook up... Read more »